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Poor flashing around window by builder resulted in mushrooms growing in the drywall of this main bathroom
Custom stairs that go up and down at the same time

Mushrooms growing in the main bathroom because the Builder didn't flash around the windows right.

Stairs that go UP and Down!

Somebody drywalled over the gas meter
This toilet is installed in a coat closet

Yes, they drywalled over the gas meter!

Toilet installed in a coat closet

Copper thieves leave this air conditioning unit looking like a bear mauled it
The homeowner installed his own fireplace with the direct vent flue right on the ground

Copper thieves strike again!

Burn, baby, burn! The homeowner installed the new fireplace.

Duct tape wrapped around the furnace plenum
Drywall mud dumped down the toilet

Duct tape fixes everything!

Drywall mud dumped down the toilet!

Wannabe electrician installed his own branch wiring
Broken garage door spring is magically fixed with Romex wire

"I can do the wiring myself." Really?!

Garage door spring is fixed.

Nasty filter caked with debris.  There's no way air could flow through this.
This house is supported up by firewood

How many years has it been?

Firewood supporting up the house.

Nice lawn ornament
Raw sewage and rust leaking out the holes in the cast sewer line

Lawn ornament.

That's not bubble gum;-)

Electric furnace being used as part of the shower surround
Soapy water leaking through a crack in this clam shell heat exchanger

New definition of a HOT shower!

The Money Shot! (Proof of a cracked heat exchanger.)

Duct tape covering up holes in a cast sewer line, then painted white
Leaning chimney needs to be entirely torn down and rebuilt by a Certified Chimney Sweep

Homeowners covered a hole in the cast sewer line with duct tape, then painted it white so I wouldn't find it. Gotcha!

As the chimney continues to lean, simply add more caulk!

Extension cord feeding the washer runs along the wall and is plugged into an outlet
Homeowner trying to bypass the electronic eyes on the garage door

In addition to the obvious electrical no-no's, that white extension cord runs along the wall all the way over to the washer.

Electronic eyes are fixed.

Burnt rafters and roof deck of this attic
Asbestos cement roof damaged and improperly repaired with caulk

What do you mean there was a fire in the attic? That wasn't disclosed to us.

This is what an asbestos cement roof looks like when a drunk person walks on it and then "fixes" it with caulk.

Snake got cooked by the water heater
Wood fireplace with gas starter that has holes in the pipe aimed outward


Ever seen a flamethrower fireplace?

Tornado debris put a hole through this turtle vent and the homeowner
The bank hired professionals to remodel and repair this foreclosed home.  Job well done on the rusted out B-vent flue pipe

Redneck roof repair.

The bank hired "professionals" to do this repair. Notice the shiny, new duct tape.

Serious risk of methan gas exposure in this house due to the sewer cleanout cap having a hole through it allowing sewer gases into the home
Carbon monoxide threat from a bird's nest blocking 100% of the flue gases from the water heater and furnace from going up the flue pipe

This entire house reaked of sewer gases. The slum lord punched a hole through the sewer cleanout cap to make a place for the washer to drain.

100% of the flue gases were backdrafting into this 3 year old home. What caused it?...a bird's nest.

Dog urine is acidic.  It ate through the fins and damaged the coils.  This air conditioner needs to be replaced
Asbestos wrap on boiler piping in the basement of this flipped home partially removed.  Was it properly abated???

A male dog is a man's best friend...until the A/C needs to be replaced.

This flipped property had boiler piping wrapped in asbestos. They removed most of it...and I'm pretty sure it wasn't properly abated.

How are we supposed to inspect this mess when there's so many things crammed into the attic access
Bird's nest around the newer flex liner of the furnace

Could they cram more obstacles into this attic access?!

Do you have the fire department on speed dial? 'Cause you're about to need them!

Old brick foundation falling apart
This builder forgot to put a cap on the B-vent opening that was originally designed for the 2nd water heater that they decided to not install

If you can remove the bricks by hand on the's bad.

New construction with opening in flue pipe dumping carbon monoxide into the basement.

When gas furnaces have been neglected and have dirty burners and/or cracked heat exchangers, the carbon monoxide readings can go off the charts
Nails poking over 70 holes through the shingles on this brand new tract built home because the roofer failed to hold the nail gun flush to the roof deck when pulling the trigger

Anything over 50 ppm indicates something isn't right.

This roof has been to church. It's called Holy Roof Syndrome. It happens when the roofer fails to hold the nail gun flush to the roof deck before pulling the trigger and the nails start poking holes up through.

Melting service entrance cable on this Federal Pacific Stab-Lok panel.  The licensed Electrician fixed this immediately.  He stated the main lugs had never been tightened down and this was very close to causing an electrical fire
B-vent flue pipe disconnected in the attic that dumped high levels of carbon monoxide and a significant amount of moisture in the attic

I'm melting! This house was very close to having an electrical fire.

"Slight" potential to kill someone.

Missing handrail, missing railing, slippery tile floor, stairs aren't uniform.  Finish an attic right!
Slanting deck that was actually built that way.

Handrail missing...check. Railing missing...check. Slippery tile floor...check. Yep, the husband thought of everything before he upped his wife's life insurance policy.

The picture is level. The deck was built elevated because the roof of the detached garage was in the way.

The Termite Super Highway was missed by this so-called professional termite inspector the day before my home inspection  He gave the house a clean bill of health
Closeup of the termites.  They need a food source, dampness, and darkness to survive

This is what I call "The Termite Super Highway"!

Here's a closeup of those ugly white things.

Organic backed asphalt composite 3-tab roof is only 8 years old
Stolen air conditioner

Guess how old this roof is? 8 years! Gotta love organic backed shingles.

This air conditioner took me forever to inspect!

Deck hazards: Railing missing, handrail way too short, steps not uniform, landing with scabbed joists, stringers installed backwards
TV installed in window opening for your viewing pleasure on this rotted out deck

Nice stairs, genius!

Gotta watch those Husker games!

Carbon monoxide poisoning in this basement bedroom from the furnace's PVC exhaust line leaking at a glue joint
Worn out wood shake roof

This was the 2nd time the drywall was patched. So how many years was carbon monoxide leaking into this basement bedroom from the high efficiency furnace?

The homeowner's nephew was a licensed Contractor and informed her that the roof was in great shape. Really?!

Good-sized tree growing on top of a detached garage roof causing the concrete ceiling to crack and sag.  Inside there's a small steel beam ill supported trying to hold it up
Water heater with an improper T&P discharge's PVC and melted really well

Tree growing over detached garage roof.

Melted PVC improperly used for water heater's temperature pressure relief valve drain line.

Badly failing concrete block foundation wall
Worn out water heater burner.  This water heater was immediately replaced by a licensed Plumber

Now THIS is a foundation problem!

Burner shot on this water heater.